Most Popular Online Casino Games Among Female Gamblers


Most Popular Online Casino Games


Despite popular belief, women also love to gamble. It may come as a shock to many to learn the accurate number of females who know how to play casino games and enjoy online gambling for real money. Naturally, worldwide, the ratio in which the two genders partake in this activity is not even.

Yet, year on year, the figure of women indulging in online gambling games rises. According to some estimates, in the 45-64 demographic, female gamblers outnumber men. The tendency is that the overall gap is continuously dwindling.

The reasons why women play casino games for money include chasing thrills, escaping boredom, and blocking out stress. On average, men are far more likely to show frustration and anger when on a losing streak, while women manifest signs associated with depression when Lady Luck turns her back on them.

These are only a few elements in how the two genders differ when partaking in this activity. In the short term, men gamble more and are far more likely to develop a compulsion to this pastime than women, as their brain hardwiring makes them more susceptible to find risk-taking behavior appealing.

As a whole, women have a more measured approach to internet betting, gravitating towards gaming products that are simpler to play, and are 100% reliant on luck. Below, we break down the best casino games for women and where females that take pleasure in testing their good fortune over the internet can enjoy them.

Most Popular Casino Games For Women

The offer of interactive gaming options is vast. Most platforms host over a thousand games in several genres that feature drastically different house edges. Thus, to win at online casino games, the first thing one has to do is know which titles to choose. What products have the best return to player percentages? That, and for a player to pair up her betting activity with an enticing bonus that offers sizeable free-play funds.

Per polls, the games that women most enjoy playing at online casinos are:

      Women love them because all they require out of players is to hit the spin button, almost instantly displaying the result of that action. Quick slots casino action is something virtually everyone loves.

Most Trusted Online Casinos For 2021

The American Gaming Association seems to think that more than 2,800 gambling sites are floating around the World Wide Web. The truth is that this number is probably a modest estimate, as the accurate figure is likely far more substantial. Per Safest Betting Sites, one of the internet’s premium betting info hubs, players should only stick to wagering with established operators. Three quality options SBS recommends are:

To Sum Up

Most women are casual gamblers. They do not spend as much money as men, and they budget their sessions more responsibly. 70% use apps and websites to test their luck, mostly sticking to lottery-style options and slots. At first sight, many female players find table games intimidating, which is why they tend to stay away from them, viewing roulette and baccarat as the most acceptable picks from this genre.

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